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Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity at Edelweiss Lifecare

Edelweiss Lifecare is a Chandigarh based company offering Third Party Manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise services to the people who are interested to invest in the business dealing with pharmaceuticals. Our motive is to provide the best healthcare to the people of PAN India and to be able to give them a future that is healthy and sustainable. We are here to contribute our part to save mankind and by extending our services to improve the socio-economic conditions of the various states of our country. We are planning to take over the pharma world by producing varieties of quality products including Pharmaceutical Syrups, Tablets, Softgel Capsules, Protein Powder, and Pharmaceutical Injections, Ayurvedic Medicines. We spare no effort to make multi-dimensional high-quality products with the help of professionals and various measures set by the quality analysts in the built-in laboratories. If you are looking for a reliable and dedicated manufacturer of drugs for your company then here we are. All the manufacturing processes are transparent so that you can inspect and get satisfied with the type of raw material or chemical extracts, we are using for the formulation of drugs. We are presently working on to extend our services in all over India but soon we will start dealing with numerous international companies. Edelweiss Lifecare is soon going to be the brand name of the pharma industry and before that, we are here to help you to establish yourself and set your foot in this lucrative business.

How Edelweiss Lifecare has set a Trademark in the Pharma Industry?

Edelweiss Lifecare is an ISO 9001:201 certified company and hence has met all the requirements which are necessary for our Company so that it can be worthy of your choice and trust. The standard is designed to help companies at many levels, including a focus on customer requirements, improving leadership within the company, finding ways to continually improve the quality and adoption of various authentic and reliable marketing techniques to increase the business. All the guidance for the safety and the quality has been followed as per the guideline of WHO. Hygienic conditions are maintained in the company. Our Company is a quality-oriented Company and hence the manufacturing of products is only through the usage of the sterilized types of equipment. No page is left unturned for meeting the need of our customers and satisfying them with their choice of effective and efficient medicines. Our Company is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product and hence it follows all the norms that are set by GMP. Therefore the use of all the latest technologies is being done by us. Our ultimate motive is to maintain the quality of the products, and we at Edelweiss Lifecare are ready to cross any limit to achieve that.

List of the Cities where we are planning to establish our PCD Franchises

We want to set up our Pharma Franchise Company in the following states. Interested people can contact us.

      • Himachal Pradesh
      • Delhi
      • Bangalore
      • Chennai
      • Kerala
      • Orissa
      • West Bengal
      • Chhattisgarh
      • Uttrakhand
      • Arunachal Pradesh
      • Manipur
      • Mizoram
      • Telangana
      • Sikkim
      • Gujarat
      • Rajasthan
      • Punjab
      • Nagaland
      • Jharkhand
      • Goa

All these states have a sufficient amount of population and resources that will help our sales to grow and as well as act as manpower for our Company.